We provide assembly services for the various types of furniture and for showrooms. Our services also include shop fitting, which allows our customers to choose a “Turnkey” project.

We guarantee operational competence in our sphere of activity through the quality of our resources, as well as through specialized and renowned partners.

Despite the diversity of the environments in which we operate, REOL® standards of quality and excellence do not change. This is clearly demonstrated by the growing number of multinational brands from Europe, Africa and Asia that contact us, attesting to our professional competency and operational efficiency in highly specialized and competitive markets.


To produce integrated and sustainable quality solutions, adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers, always maintaining a high degree of professionalism and respect for all the parties involved in the developed projects.

To scrupulously comply with social standards, agreements and the applicable laws, also ensuring the use of practices aimed at defending and preserving the environment.


REOL® aspires to become a reference in the global market in which it operates, through the operational capacity of its services and the quality of its products.

To achieve this objective, its priorities will be safety conditions and individual and collective comfort, environmental protection, and the safeguarding of the harmony of the spaces created within the environment in which they operate.


– To promote the correct and perfect application of the three “C’s”: create, concretize and care;

– Create integrated and quality solutions;

– Guarantee an innovative design and the reliability of the products;

– Execute and manage projects efficiently;

– Guarantee maintenance and technical assistance at the end.