At REOL®, we give priority to furniture that, besides being beautiful, ergonomic and functional, is also technically correct. Embodying our customers’ vision, we find the most pleasant solutions for your home or workplace, meeting your expectations. For us, furniture has a preponderant role in people’s lives, in their definition of comfort, harmony and functionality.


Modular and shapeable, they are a result of versatility in production, of the creativity of the design  and of the concepts of flexibility and adaptability of the range to the spaces and people. You will find a vast array of finishings, hardware, and accessories, for all tastes and purposes. You can also rely on an enthusiastic and dedicated technical team to follow your project from the first sketch.


We create functional, aesthetic and tailored solutions in terms of closets. Our customers choose the shelves, blocks of drawers, rods and other accessories, including the hardware and door finishing. For this, our catalogue includes various possibilities in terms of finishes, which enables customizing your spaces of work or leisure with exclusive design pieces.


Our ambition in terms of the creation of customized and harmonious environments is not limited to the size of the room. We idealize the space according to our customer’s preferences, after a preliminary technical and functional analysis. Each bathroom installed is the result of a perfect conjugation between quality materials, duly adapted to the desired environment, privileging resistance and durability to create a customized space.


At REOL®, all our materials obey the highest thresholds of demand and quality. With a well-defined criterion, we work with the best brands on the market with regards to finishing materials for interior modules and fronts.


Knowing fully well its importance in the elaboration of a kitchen, closet or bathroom, all our hardware is designed taking into account capacity and resistance. The objective is to endow them with the resistance and capacity for the purpose for which they are intended, attesting the quality of the furniture and configuring its functionality.


Our company works and produces work surfaces with all types of materials available on the market: granite, marble, post-forming, quartz, and ceramic, phenolic and acrylic compacts.


In this department, REOL® also works with the best market brands. We advise our customers, in terms of brand and range of equipment, always keeping in mind their preferences and objectives, without forgetting the product’s aesthetic framework.


At REOL®, we build solutions at different intervention levels. Our team is constituted by specialists in various areas that guarantee complete interventions, from the infrastructural stage to the conclusion of the works. We are qualified to provide services in the following areas: » Demolitions, Waterproofing / Insulation, Coating, Painting, Flooring (Ex. Vinyl, Wood, Tile, etc.), Masonry, Metalwork, Glass and Carpentry.