A laboratory’s flexibility is mirrored in a structure whose units enable mobility, reconfiguration and adaptability. We work with the best materials and equipment, complying with the most demanding market standards, using the know-how and expertise accumulated over 15 years executing laboratories.
Within our range, the worktops include surfaces that can be applied over base units or over structures. Noteworthy, in terms of work surfaces, are the variety of materials which are applied, keeping in mind the laboratory environment and the purpose defined by our customers. We work with materials such as phenolic resin, post-forming, glass and ceramics.
Our line of worktops can be installed on structures with “C” or “O” design, grounded on a modular system with a standard height and width.
    • Respecting compliance with the standards of quality that guarantee structural and dimensional stability;
    • Enabling a uniformly distributed load capacity of over 200kg/m2.
    • Guaranteeing the necessary mechanical resistance to shock, wear and abrasion.


To equip their workspaces, our customers can find a wide array of furniture components, such as:

    • chairs,
    • desks,
    • metal units with doors
    • and metallic drawer units with wheels.


An integral part of the washing units, the selection of each type of equipment is directly related to its intended purpose. At REOL®, we have:

    • ceramic tanks, which can include a drainer in the same material,
    • stainless steel tanks
    • and taps/mixers.


Striving to create an organized and safe work environment, REOL® provides furniture adapted to all needs, with spacious and versatile storage options. The good operation of a laboratory many times depends on its safety conditions and organization. If these have been fulfilled, work becomes more relaxed and pleasant.


Our range includes:

    • Wheel units with a door or drawers (with a variety of standard heights, depending on the height of the structures);
    • Units with skirting in phenolic resin, with doors or drawers (also with a variety of standard heights);
    • Washing units with skirting in phenolic resin (with a sink and work surface)

We promote versatility, organization and safety in storage. In this respect, we provide units with various standard heights and widths, which can be included in any type of environment. The customer can choose the type of front, finishing and hardware. The units can have doors with hinges or sliding doors (opaque or glass).


Taking into account their dimensions, this type of units allows our customers to organize their workspace in the laboratory in the most convenient manner due to its big storage capacity.



To attain the highest levels of safety, we work with brands that provide individual, flexible and customized solutions for each application. The purpose is to guarantee effective protection against hazardous and volatile chemical substances, , dusts or aerosols, which are handled in the laboratory on a daily basis. The ideal option for each case is found after a careful preliminary study of each scenario.


Its ergonomic design, along with its system of articulated axes and its flexibility confer a functionality that is decisive for the extraction of locally emitted gases and fumes.


Our clean rooms are set up so as to provide controlled environments to carry out product testing or manufacturing. Designed in panels with a high-density polyurethane nucleus, with fire performance classification, they prevent any type of contamination by particles present in the air that can interfere with the intended final results.

For REOL®, a clean room should be an environment that minimizes the entry, generation and retention of particles as much as possible.


With our company, customers are guaranteed professional and integral intervention throughout their project. Aiming at continuous customer satisfaction, we build solutions at various levels, from the infrastructural stage to electrical assemblies.

The REOL® team of experts handles the installation of electrical energy, ITED networks, as well as water, drainage, gas, HVAC, vacuum and compressed air networks.